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00.06.25I'm making a summer present page. I present a photo book for one person, who most clicked at best popular photobook.(Now testing, start count at 2000.07.01 (in JST)
A school uniform, swim wear, sports wear, etc.. in that photo book.
99.05.22Add Seifuku-Link1 : Girl's HighSchool uniforms in Gumma-pref, Shima's uniform reseach group, portrait, R-chan's HP, Blue uniforms(police woman,cabine atendant),
English:Hulakitty's HP(make your own costume)
99.05.11Add Seifuku-Link1 : Kimiko's Dress Room.
Add Seifuku-Link2 : PONTA.
Add ImageLib : Minako Masumizu(16yo).
98.10.16Add 3 Web Page for LINK, Working with uniform on, Azusa's Home-Page, Short Skirts.
Add a image for Kini-naru:Yoko Mitsuya.
Update BOOKS: Add informations about "Comomo" and "School wear collection".
98.10.10update LINK.
Add 4 Web Page for Link:
We Love Japanese SCHOOL GIRLS, Women in Uniform, Waitress Club, About aircrue's uniform from travel dictionary.
Add a image for Kini-naru: of Aki Yazaki.
Add internet BOOK STORE information for Kini-naru2.
98.09.13 shop: Bluemoon, koromo, Shibuya-densetsu, Shop by HighSchoolGirls, Matsu Kame Ya

Images: Nami Sanada, Asaka Kubo, Megumi Asakura, Erina Koiso

School info: Kohshien High School(summer), Sumiyoshi-shougyou High School, Osaka Shinai girls HighSchool, Wakayama Shinai girls HighSchool

Add and change-url for LINKS
Sailor suit: Streat Shots, LittlePrettyGiirl, Unifo Web, Do you like a school uniform? Chikuzen denki-kidou, GET
English page: Japanese School Girls
Graphics: FUNA-YA, Girls who put on a sports wear, Studio(pen)^2,
Fetish: cute girl's legs(loose socks),
My personal links: Japanese Super Swimsuit Models Museum, The site of SAKURA, Tarent navigator,

98.05.17Add 2 links, Photo Gallery -Kiss.com- and High School Girls are beautifull !! to link page.
97.05.10Add images Hioki Yuka and Nana Matsuoka to Kininaru.
Add Where does sailor fuku come from?.
Add an information of Sano HighSchool's School fashion.
97.02.11Add an image Risa Kawamura to Kininaru.
97.02.07Add uniform of Tezukayama,Osaka Jogaikuin,Osaka joshi,Meijo High School.
Add Link as School Girl Uniform Collection,Aoiba girls collection. and modify photoes of Rika-Koizumi
Make My guest-book.
97.12.07Add an image Yuko Ezaki.
97.11.16Add an winter uniform as Naniwa girls' high school and Yamamoto high school
97.10.27Add a image at Saiko Taniyama(eighteen)
Add a information Pool Gakuin Highschool and winter wear of Higashi-Osaka Highschool.
97.10.04Modify Shop information, and links.
Add a image at Ohta Masami.
97.08.13Add 1-image at "Miyoko Tachibana" She is so lovery!!
97.08.01I made Guest Board. Please something write.
97.07.10Add 2-image at "KINI-NARU"
97.06.30Add 2-sites at "Wear Shop". [ChoVeryGood] and [Wear shop WHITE].
Add 1 site at "LINK", [SUPER LOOSE SOCKS(This page is English OK !!)].
Add more sites at "LINK", [An Office Ladies wear Club], [School Life] (English OK !!)
Add 1 photo page.. [Rika Koizumi(Mao Asami) Photoes]. (seventeen-eighteen yrears old) girl's snap shots.
97.05.XXBegin Update.about Link and board.
Add 2-sites for "naked image link".
ADD [Check your mind].
ADD [Home-Room of ko-gal].
Add 2-sites for "Costume LINK".
ADD [Love!!School-Wear].
A pretty girl makes this page. I want to look a wear that she designed.
ADD [School-Wear Get&Link].
How can I get a pretty school-wear ? How can I wear It? He teaches it, But if you living in Japan. (Almost shop only sell a man who living in Japan. Why? -- Because the almost shop assistant can speak Japanese only, I'm too.
Change URL at [LoveLove School-wear].
Please wait add for "what's new.

I'm waiting for informations about "school-wear","uniforms".
Please post me.<m(_ _)m>
Your name(or anonymous): [Guest Book]
are you ok? please push a buttun.

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